The Town of River Falls Independent School District's mission is to provide the highest quality education by creating life-long learners through comprehensive academic, athletic, cultural, and extra-curricular opportunities for the children of our community.

River Falls ISD's vision is to partner with the community, is a stable, safe and caring “hometown” learning environment that focuses on the changing needs of our students and achieves educational excellence.

Group Members

High School Principal
Mr. Ben Lovett
(555) 888-1214

Pre-K Administrator
Ms. Rebecca Lange
(555) 888-1210

Superintendent of River Falls Schools
Mr. Bobby Smith
(555) 888-1213

President, River Falls School Board of Trustees
Ms. Frankie Elliott
(555) 888-1215

Middle School Principal
Ms. Cynthia Angelo
(555) 888-1219

Elementary Principal:
Ms. Nancy Eves
(555) 888-1217


River Falls Elementary School
125 Tripp Road
Sunnyvale, Texas 75182

River Falls Middle School
500 Collins Road
Sunnyvale, Texas 75182

River Falls High School
325 Collins Road
Sunnyvale, Texas 75182